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About You

It is important for you to know if chemo@home is right for you.

The services we offer are listed on the “green tabs”.  We will leave you to browse any areas that may be of interest to you.

If you would like to have your treatment at home, but have not spoken to your doctor about it, one of our Customer Liaison team will be happy to guide you and assist with coordinating your referral.

We find that there are FIVE main types of people who want to have their treatment at home.  Let us introduce you to them.


Active and carefree

This was so not what you thought you would be dealing with at this point in your life, and it sucks big time.  Life just did a complete 360, and it’s not fair.  It can be difficult for your friends to understand what you are going through. You don’t want to be seen as sick.  What you want most is to continue to live your life; to study, to work, to socialise with friends and family.


Family comes first

You have people who depend on you; children, parents or a partner.  It is important to you that they are looked after, and that their lives are as unaffected as possible during this difficult time in your life.  You need a calm and comfortable environment, and the unconditional love and support of those close to you so you can focus on your health.


Living with challenges

You are used to life’s trials, but gee whizz, sometimes it feels that you just can’t catch a break.  Navigating life has made you, and those close to you, very resourceful but you know that this one is going to take all the help you can get.  Sometimes getting out and about is tough, or the unfamiliar makes you really anxious. You need understanding and appreciate it when your needs are listened to and acted upon.


Successful life

You have a career, a business and have worked damn hard to get there.  You want to continue to be involved in all aspects of your personal and professional life, despite this setback.  There is a strong chance you probably don’t take kindly to being told what to do, and having the control to make your own decisions is crucial to you.


Young at heart

You have had a fulfilling life, and are now wanting to enjoy your time doing the activities you love, whether that be at home doing the gardening, looking after the grandchildren or taking on the thrill of a new challenge. It is vital that you make every moment count. It is important for you to maintain your independence, and that your challenges do not put unnecessary burdens on your family and friends.


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