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About Us

As Australia’s leading provider of home-based infusion treatments, our highly trained and skilled nursing staff can give many treatments safely in the comfort of your own home.  We work very hard to ensure the whole treatment experience is convenient and centered around you and your family.

The services we offer are listed in the “About You” section.

Some of the advantages we hear about having treatment at home include:

  • More convenient;
  • More relaxed;
  • Less hassle;
  • Less cost associated with travel and parking;
  • Less reliance on carers or child care; and
  • Less risk of infection and less anxiety about being exposed to infection.


The cost of having your treatment at home is covered by most health funds, with no gap.

chemo@home is owned, managed and staffed by highly skilled health professionals (nurses and pharmacists) who have a wealth of experience in treating patients in the home setting. And you’ll be pleased to know there is the added security of a 24 hour a day telephone contact, so you will always feel supported.

Call us now for a confidential discussion on 1300 466 324 to discuss if treatment at home might be suitable for you

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