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Patient Experience

Chemo@home actively assesses the impact on both the patient and their family of home-based treatment, as this is an important part of understanding how to improve the patient experience.

Below are the results of our patient feedback survey (current as of March 2022).




When patients were asked “How likely is it that you would recommend View Health – chemo@home to a friend or colleague?”, a measure known as a Net Promoter Score, our team were in the top 25% of health care organistations worldwide.



Qualitative research is used to gain an understanding of people’s lives and experiences, by exploring their stories.  These are some of our patient’s stories.


“For me, having chemo@home, it’s on my terms…Having to go to the hospital, that day on your calendar is written off. Being at home is much easier…That one choice of where you can have it, it’s empowering. That’s what chemo@home does for me.”


“This is by far the best service I have experienced in my cancer journey; I recommend it to all I meet.”


“You have made this horrendous journey a little less scary every time you visit our home. You calm us, you support us and you explain so much that we find so confusing and confronting. I can’t thank you enough.  I only wish everywhere had the same wonderful service that you provide.  Thank you so much xxxx”


“My treatment for my multiple sclerosis today was as easy as ever. Great fun to be able to stay at home on such a hot day. Thank you xxx”


“Our nurse who came to our house was very professional, but I think it was her personal care that made all the difference to me at the time. Our baby was able to sleep in the comfort of his own room while I sat on the couch and Matteo held my hand as the chemo was being administered.”


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