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In partnership with View Health chemo@home, we offer specialised services to patients with cancer and chronic disease.  These services include:

  • managing the compounding and dispensing of chemotherapy and immunotherapy medications;
  • quoting and dispensing high-cost medications;
  • importing medications under the Special Access Scheme; and
  • clinical trials

Please feel free to call us on (08) 6488 2290 or visit Matilda Bay Pharmacy on facebook for more information.








Cliniconnect is a WA-based group of medical oncologists providing a world class service in cancer management.  Our aim is to provide you with the best evidence-based cancer treatment, whilst enhancing your treatment experience and quality of life.  We do this by giving you the option of choosing between having treatment given by highly trained nurses either in a hospital or in your own home.  Having treatment in your own home reduces the time spent traveling to and from hospital and waiting in doctor’s surgeries, giving you more time for the people and activities important to you.  If you would like more information you can visit the Cliniconnect website, facebook page or call on (08) 9427 2999.



In partnership with View Health chemo@home, we offer a stretchersize and physiotherapy service to patients undergoing chemotherapy and other targeted therapies.
Research has shown that there are several benefits of doing regular exercise while you are having chemotherapy.  These include:

  • improved mental health
  • reduced anxiety
  • improved overall quality of life
  • significant reductions in fatigue


Cirqol health navigators

In partnership with View Health – chemo@home, Cirqol Health Navigators can help patients and their families with specialised counselling and guidance to maintain wellbeing and quality of life.

We use our extensive health care networks to link you with the best available services and supports for your particular circumstances.

Cirqol Health Navigators are accredited mental health social workers with cancer care speciality.

Patents referred to Cirqol by their GP may be eligible for Medicare rebates on our services.

Please feel free to call us on (08) 9386 1256 or visit cirqol on facebook for more information.

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