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Our Team

We are a purpose-driven health service with well-defined values.  Our values do not just sit on a wall in our office (although you will see them there), we LIVE them. We feel so strongly about all our team living our values, that we interview potential new team members on this first – before we assess how skilled they are.

Within our culture program, we also regularly ask our team what is important to them, as individuals, and measure how well we are doing as a company at helping them be the best version of themselves.  Our team are driven by using all their skills and expertise to provide the best possible experience for our patients, to live good and productive lives and to work in a company whose values fit with their own.  Our “happiness index”, lets us know how happy our team are, and importantly also highlights if we need to address any issues.

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To find out more about the members of our incredible team, please click on the links below.


Leadership Team

Operations Team

Clinical Delivery Lead

Nursing Team

Pharmacy and Medical Team

Business Development Team

Support Team

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