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Sexuality and Cancer; It’s More Important than you Think – World Sexual Health Day 4th September

A cancer diagnosis is devastating; however, few people consider what impacts the treatment will have on their sexual function or intimate relationships. Cancer and its treatment can affect your body image, emotions and sometimes your physical ability to have sex. Women may suffer vaginal dryness, loss of sensation or pain and men may suffer from erectile dysfunction or ejaculation difficulties. These factors can have a significant impact on their enjoyment of sex and may cause anxiety in intimate partners. There are, however, several ways to help overcome these challenges, including talking with health professionals or a sex therapist, treating other health concerns such as depression and using medications or specific devices to assist sexual function.

For more information see the Cancer Council’s booklet https://www.cancerwa.asn.au/…/2016-06-08-Sexuality-intimacy…

World Sexual Health Day 4th September 2019