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Privacy Policy

Chemo@home Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring your personal information is professionally managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and all relevant State privacy legislation.

The Privacy Act 1988 contains the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) which, in conjunction with other privacy legislation, sets the standards for the way chemo@home handles your personal health information.

What Personal Information does chemo@home collect and hold?

chemo@home is a private healthcare provider. The types of personal information that chemo@home collects will depend on the nature of your dealings with us. We may collect personal information from you when you:

  • make enquiries to chemo@home regarding healthcare services;
  • are referred to chemo@home for healthcare services;
  • consent to and receive treatment from chemo@home;
  • complete chemo@home quality, satisfaction and experience surveys;
  • subscribe to a chemo@home newsletter or blog;
  • subscribe to our website (which includes our website’s sub-domains such as our Careers and Health Professionals page) or to one of our mailing lists;
  • attend a chemo@home seminar;
  • have business dealings with us (whether as one of our suppliers, or as a regulator we deal with, or in the context of a transaction); or
  • apply or register your interest in employment with chemo@home. For detailed information as to how we collect, use and disclose the personal information of job applicants, please refer to the relevant section of this policy below.

All patient information held by chemo@home is relevant to the functions of providing health care and will be maintained in a form that is accurate and up to date.

The personal information we will collect from you, as a patient, will usually include your name, title, address and e-mail address and contact numbers (telephone, fax, mobile). If necessary for the purposes of providing advice or information to you, or for assisting in your enquiry we may collect other personal information from you.  This may include clinical information, health fund or other financial information and information about your treating specialist.  However, we do not collect personal information that we do not need.

If you are one of chemo@home’s ‘business contacts’ (e.g. a contact person is one of our suppliers, specialists or in a government agency or company with which we deal), we may collect basic business contact information from you (e.g. your name, title and work contact details). Information which may also be collected includes the areas of our practice which are of interest to you. chemo@home will not ask to collect sensitive information about you (such as details of your racial or ethnic origin, political affiliation, religious beliefs, sexual preferences, criminal convictions or health information) unless it is needed for the purposes of providing appropriate advice.

There may be situations where you do not want to identify yourself. You have the option of anonymity or of using a pseudonym, unless we are required or authorised by law to identify you, or it is impracticable to do so.  There may be consequences if, as a patient, you do not identify yourself, for example, you may not be able to claim a Medicare or health fund rebate.

Please note that, while we seek to minimise the personal information we collect, if you do not provide us with the personal information we require, we may not be able to provide you with the services and other assistance you seek.

Generally, we endeavour to collect personal information directly from the individuals concerned. However, if this is not practicable, we may collect personal information about individuals from third parties, including from publicly available sources. If we do, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that the individuals concerned are made aware of the collection of their information.

How does chemo@home use Personal Information?

chemo@home’s policy is only to use personal information for the purpose for which it was collected.

Patient related information

Primarily, as a patient, your personal information is collected by us to ensure you receive quality health care. Accordingly, this information may need to be shared among members of your treating team. Where necessary personal information may be disclosed to other health care providers such as a specialist, general practitioner or allied health professionals or other health care facilities, and such disclosure may be by fax or email.

In addition, aspects of the personal information we collect may be used to monitor the quality of care we provide, the appropriateness and effectiveness of our services and the level of satisfaction with our services. As a result, we, or someone we authorise, may make contact to request feedback on our services.

chemo@home conducts research to improve our understanding of treatments and to find better ways to deliver therapy.  We may also collaborate with other research facilities for research purposes.  We will only do this if we can ensure all necessary ethical and privacy safeguards are in place.  The research conducted maybe published in medical journals or presented at scientific meetings in the future, but you will not be identified in any publications.  You are not obliged to give your consent to be involved in research.

If you indicate that you are happy to be contacted by us in relation to other services we offer or have access to (e.g. home help, psychologists, physiotherapists, dietitians) we may contact you regarding these services. You may withdraw your consent at any time.

We also collect personal information so that we can communicate new health service developments, including advertising new products or services that we offer, to our patient’s and to those people who have subscribed to our website, alert services or mailing lists.

If, at any time, you do not wish to receive these kinds of communications, please let us know using the contact details below.

Will Your Personal Information be given to anyone else?

chemo@home does not sell, rent or trade personal information about you to or with third parties. Personal information may be disclosed outside of chemo@home in the circumstances described below:

(a) Disclosures to external service providers

chemo@home may disclose personal information to external service providers who provide services to you and help us operate our business. Examples of our external service providers include:  third party data storage providers; IT and other software and systems providers; companies who provide scanning and archiving services; advertising and marketing agencies who assist us with our campaigns and programs, and research organisations and consultants who conduct research on our behalf.

From time to time we may need to use or disclose aspects of your personal information for administrative purposes, such as accreditation and evaluation, quality assurance activities and liaising with doctors, insurers, lawyers or other advisers in the ordinary course of managing our business. For example, your health records may be subpoenaed, or permission may be granted to a solicitor or insurer to access your health records.

For billing purposes, we may, from time to time, share relevant aspects of personal information with third parties such as other health care providers, Medicare, Private Health Insurance funds and if necessary, outside collection agencies.

If chemo@home engages external service providers, chemo@home takes steps to ensure that those external service providers comply with the APPs when they handle personal information about you; and are authorised only to use personal information that we provide to them for the limited purposes specified in our agreement with them.

(b) Disclosures overseas

Where chemo@home engages external information technology service providers, we ensure that wherever possible, our data is stored within Australia.

(c) Disclosures required or permitted by law

Otherwise, chemo@home will only disclose personal information if this is required by law or permitted under the Privacy Act.  We have legal and contractual obligations to provide information to various entities, including State Health Departments (all patients and all notifiable diseases), Medical Indemnity Insurance, Registrar General’s Office (births & deaths), Cancer Registry (cancer patients), and Private Health Insurers.  More information regarding these obligations is available on request. chemo@home is also bound by professional obligations of confidentiality, including in relation to personal information.

Security of Personal Information

chemo@home takes reasonable steps to ensure the security of your personal information. Our premises are in secure alarmed buildings with access restricted to employees and identified visitors. Our IT systems are password protected and we conduct regular audit and data integrity checks. We frequently update our anti-virus software in order to protect our systems (and the data contained in those systems) from computer viruses. In addition, all chemo@home employees are required, as a condition of employment, to treat personal information held by chemo@home as confidential.

The storage, use and where necessary transfer of personal health information will be undertaken in a secure manner that protects patient’s privacy.  It is necessary for us the keep patient information after a patients last visit or service for as long as is required by law (7 years or until a minor turns 25, or as required by State legislation), or is prudent having regard to administrative requirements.

Apart from the uses listed in this brochure or otherwise permitted under Privacy Legislation, using or disclosing your personal information will only be done with your consent. Information will be disposed of confidentially, in line with accepted document disposal schedules. If you have concerns about the use or disclosure of any of your information, please contact us.

Access and Correction

Under the Privacy Act 1988, you generally have the right to access personal information held about you. This includes information we store electronically or in printed format.

Under the Privacy Act, you have the right to:

  • Seek access to your personal information handled by chemo@home, this includes information we store electronically or in printed format;
  • Ask us to update or correct your personal information when it is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date; and
  • Opt-out of receiving direct marketing communications from us.

We acknowledge the right of children and young people to privacy of their health information.  Based on professional judgment and consistent with law, it might be necessary at times to restrict access to personal health information by parents or guardians.

If you wish to access the personal information that chemo@home holds about you, please set out your request in writing, and forward this to our Privacy Officer, using the contact details set out at the end of this Privacy Policy. Your request for access will normally be processed within 30 days of its receipt. You will be contacted to arrange for you to view your records and photocopy/print documents if required. If, following your review, you consider the personal information requires correction or amendment; the relevant officer may make arrangements for alterations to be made or noted. If we do not believe an amendment is necessary, you may insert an addendum (noting your comments) into the record. Whilst there is no application fee, you may be charged administration, photocopying or counter fees.

For legal and administrative reasons, chemo@home may also archive non-current records containing personal information, such as back up data files and offsite storage. Please note that if we do provide access to old records, we may charge you for the cost of providing such access.

If you are of the view that personal information about you is inaccurate or out of date, or if you have any other queries about access and correction, please contact our Privacy Officer using the contact details set out below.

If you have provided your consent to release information to other parties and would like to withdraw this consent, please contact us.

Online Privacy Issues

Use of cookies

When you visit our website, a small data file called a “cookie” is stored on your computer or mobile device by our server.

We use cookies or digital markers to maintain user sessions (e.g. if you subscribe to the site to gain access to a publication, we use cookies so when you next visit you do not need to re-enter your details). Like most website providers, we generate statistics about how many people visit our site and how people use our website. We use web logs and cookies to do this. This enables us to keep our site relevant and useful. However, generally this information will not identify you. We do not link this information back to your identity or other information that you have provided to us. We do not store any information that identifies you inside cookies.

We and our service providers may also use cookies and other digital markers to assist us with our online marketing services and advertise to our website visitors on other third-party websites. Cookies placed on third-party websites help us to monitor the efficacy of our business relationships with third-parties, improve performance as well as personalise your experience when you visit our and our service providers’ websites. When you visit other websites, you may see an advertisement for chemo@home’s products or services because you have previously visited our website. chemo@home may disclose the information collected via use of cookies on our websites to third-parties for marketing purposes.

By using our website(s) and not opting-out of cookies, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Most web browsers are set by default to accept cookies. However, if you do not wish to receive cookies you may set your browser to either prompt or refuse cookies (including chemo@home’s cookies).   If you use your browser settings to block all cookies, you may not be able to access and/or use all or parts of our website.

Access to other websites

Sometimes our website contains links to other websites, for your convenience and information. When you access a website other than www.chemoathome.com.au, please understand that chemo@home is not responsible for the privacy practices of that site. We suggest that you review the privacy policies of each site you visit.

Making a complaint

The best way to deal effectively with concerns and complaints is to communicate openly and respectfully.  This reduces the likelihood of the problem becoming difficult to deal with.  Our team can usually allay your concerns.

If you wish to make a complaint about how chemo@home handles your personal information, please contact us setting out your complaint in writing, and forward it to our Privacy Officer, using the contact details below.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our Privacy Policy, and satisfaction is not gained by discussing your concern with us, you may complain to the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

We will deal with all complaints as quickly as possible and will endeavour to get back to you within a reasonable timeframe.

How do we handle the personal information of job applicants?

chemo@home collects personal information about and from individuals who apply for employment with chemo@home. The information we collect includes the job applicant’s:

  • Personal contact details and gender;
  • Educational and employment history, and relevant qualifications and employment history;
  • Eligibility to work in Australia; and
  • Referees’ contact details.

We may collect this information directly from the job applicant or indirectly from a third party, including from a recruitment agency.

If necessary, we will also collect information about applicants from referees, from professional social networking sites like LinkedIn and publicly available social networking platforms like Facebook. If the applicant proceeds to the interview stage, we will collect information about the applicant’s performance during interview.

chemo@home is committed to a policy of diversity and inclusion. For this reason, we may also collect information as to whether a job applicant identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. We collect this information for the sole purpose of monitoring the implementation of our equal employment opportunities policy. chemo@home will not use this information for any other purpose.

If you do not provide with us the information we request, we may not be able to process or assess your job application.

chemo@home uses the personal information we collect about job applicants to assess their eligibility and suitability for employment with the company. Generally, our assessment of applicants’ personal information will relate to a particular role. However, we may also retain and use applicants’ personal information to assess their suitability for other roles with the company. We do not disclose the personal information we collect from applicants to any other person or entity.

For information as to how an applicant may access and correct the personal information we hold about them, or complain about a breach of the APPs, please see sections 5 and 7 of this Policy respectively.

As a matter of policy, chemo@home stores all personal information relating to our job applicants in Australia and it is not accessible to third parties located outside Australia.

Additional Privacy Information and How to Contact chemo@home

This chemo@home Privacy Policy may change from time to time. The chemo@home Privacy Policy will be made available to anyone who requests it, whether at our offices or by use of our website.

If you have any questions or comments about the chemo@home Privacy Policy, please set out your request in writing, and forward this to our Privacy Officer, using the contact details below.

Email: info@chemoathome.com.au

Post: PO Box 378, North Perth WA 6906.

Telephone:  1300 466 324

This Privacy Policy applies to chemo@home Pty Ltd (163 507 873) and its parent company View Health Pty Ltd (158 215 975)

Our Privacy Policy was last updated on 28th December 2018.