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Julie Adams Survives Dirk Hartog Adventure Challenge!

Every year 250-300 children in Australia are diagnosed with brain cancer, and brain cancer kills more children than any other disease. Treatment for childhood brain cancer has not changed for over thirty years, and therefore neither has the survival rate.

The Pirate Ship Foundation raises money for the Brain Tumour Research Program, at the Telethon Kids Institute. The research progam produces high-quality pre-clinical evidence, which can then be used to form the basis of new clinical trials.

Funds for the Foundation are raised in a number of different ways, including “adventures”.

On May 11th twelve intrepid adventurers, including #chemoathome Managing Director Julie Adams and her good friend Samantha Hilmi, headed off on a pioneering “survivor style” 115km hike from the south to the north of Dirk Hartog Island. The trek was brutal and extremely challenging, as well as beautiful and inspiring.

The trek participants have raised just under $50,000 which will go towards helping the Foundation improve the outcome for children with brain cancer.

If you wish to donate, you can still do so here:

And you can watch the awesome video of the adventure here!!