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HCF’s treatment at home program a godsend for Matthew Grootenboer

HCF’s treatment at home program was a godsend for Matthew Grootenboer, a married fireman with four children, after he discovered in June 2019 that he had testicular cancer.

HCF have treatment at home options for eligible members on a range of treatments because they want to give you the choice of how you’re treated, whenever they can.

Treatments at home aren’t actually covered by HCF policies like treatment in hospital is. But they’ve chosen to pay for some treatments you can have in the comfort of your own home when they can make sure the treatment can be given safely and at the same, or better, quality than in hospital. These treatments at home are called hospital-substitute treatment (or HST) because the treatment at home takes the place of treatment you’d have had to go to, or stay longer in, hospital for. You can ask your doctor if there’s an option to be treated at home in your case.

Our health fund partnerships help us to deliver our service to those who are in need. Thank you HCF for being there for your members.

HCF giving you treatment where you want it, when you need it. That’s care when it counts. Uncommon Care.

Learn more about the HCF’s option for treatment in your own home here.

Watch Matt’s story here.