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To help prepare for covid-open and the increasingly likely chance that you and/or your family will be either a close contact or infected, here is some general helpful guidance.

Get boosted as soon as due!

It is clear that the triple vaccinated are faring better, though not as protected from Omicron as Delta. The unvaccinated at only 5% of the population are making up between 60 to 90% of the hospital admissions, and the number of people hospitalised is increasing rapidly.


Think about your home and how you might isolate a member of your family. Consider how you can limit the use of communal areas (especially bathrooms) and improve ventilation. Clean down any communal areas with Clinell wipes, which kill coronavirus, after use. Clinell wipes can be bought online and from pharmacies, Officeworks etc.


Put in place backups for obtaining groceries, meals and other household needs using “no contact”. Have betadine sore throat gargle, paracetamol and ibuprofen on hand as well as gloves and masks. Obtain RAT kits (at least 2 for each member of your family). Obtain a pulse oximeter (to measure the oxygen in your blood), or check your smartphone/fitness device to see if it does this already.

How to take care if infected

  • Take hot showers, drink lots of fluid, and get lots of rest. Watch for worsening signs of infection, indicating hospitalization required:
  • your oxygen level is 92% or less when you test using the pulse oximeter, even if you feel okay
  • worsening shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • blue lips or face
  • pain or pressure in the chest
  • cold and clammy, or pale and mottled, skin
  • fainting or collapse
  • being more confused
  • becomes difficult to wake up
  • little or no urine (wee) output – less urine than usual, even though you have been drinking lots of fluid
  • coughing up blood

Take care of your mental health

Stay connected with family and friends. Have movies, books or other activities ready to provide entertainment.

After the infectious period has passed and symptoms are gone

Wait 24 hours and clean all surfaces with Clinell wipes wearing a mask and gloves.