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Working from Home Checklist

Health and safety checklist for working from home

Use this checklist to assess work health and safety risks prior to commencing working from home arrangements.

Address any unchecked tick boxes to minimise potential risks as reasonably practicable.

This checklist is intended for computer-based tasks.

Worker Details

Duration of agreement


Working from home days (indicate all that apply)


Please enter the details and asset number of any equipment you are taking home.

Work area and environment

Workstation setup

Receipt of Information


How will employees maintain contact with the work team, patients, specialist rooms and other work contacts?
How will employees be kept informed of organisational and work team activities, updates, training and opportunities?

Workload / work activities

How will workload be decided? (e.g., activities, timeframes, expectations and work schedule)
How will the working from home arrangement be reviewed? (e.g., regular meetings, reports, managing work outcomes)


How will cyber and physical security of work-related material be maintained?
How will information technology support be provided?
Are there any other relevant needs or issues for employee health, safety and wellbeing when working from home?


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Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.

Agreed actions to address identified issues

While completing the above questionnaire if you have identified any issues, please list below the actions you agree to take to address these issues.

Working from home agreement approval and declaration