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Working from Home Agreement

This Agreement specifies the conditions applicable to an arrangement for performing work from Home on a regular or ongoing basis. The Agreement becomes effective after all applicable forms and paperwork have been submitted and approved.
1. The Employee agrees to remain accessible during designated work hours and understands that management retains the right to require the employee to come into the main office as and when the operational need arises. Advance notice will be given for this whenever possible. In the event of equipment failure, loss of remote access capability or other system problems, the employee will return to the office (where possible) until the problem is resolved unless otherwise directed.
3. The Employee has read and accepted the terms and conditions outlined in the Working from Home Policy as accepted on Employee Connect.
4. Any hardware or software purchased by View Health (“the Health Service”) remains its property and will be returned at the conclusion of the Work from Home arrangement or cessation of employment with the Health Service. The employee agrees to protect all company equipment against unauthorised or accidental access, use, modification, destruction, or disclosure. The employee agrees to report to management instances of loss, damage, or unauthorised access immediately. Software owned by the Health Service is not to be duplicated except as formally authorised. All information, whether stored electronically or as hard copy, remains the property of the Health Service. All work produced while working from home, remains the property of the Health Service. The employee agrees that any assigned computer equipment will not be used for personal purposes or by any other person(s) at the work from home site. Viewing of patient related information by any unauthorised person(s) will be cause for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
5. The employee accepts responsibility for tax consequences, if any, of this arrangement.
6. Performance expectations have been discussed and are clearly understood.
7. The employee understands that the Health Service may terminate the agreement at any time with the provision of sufficient notice.
I hereby affirm by my signature below that I have read this Work from Home Agreement and agree to all its terms and provisions.
The Work from Home Agreement itself is not a contract of employment and may not be construed as one. I understand that I am accountable to all previous confidentiality agreements, policies, and procedures of the company. I have received a copy of the Work from Home Policy.