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Knowledge is Power

A diagnosis of cancer or a serious medical condtion can be overwhelming. Finding the right information, at the right time can be difficult.

Too much information may leave you feeling overloaded, stressed and unable to remember what was important.

Too little information can make it difficult for you to manage your condition, affecting your health outcomes and quality of life.

Learning how to communicate what information you need, to the health professionals involved in your care, is important.

Please use the links provided on this page to guide you to sites which can help you find trusted information, when you need it.  Let the information you find assist you in starting conversations with your health care team.

“With communication, comes understanding and clarity. With understanding, fear diminishes. In the absence of fear, hope emerges. And in the presence of hope, anything is possible.” Ellen Stovall, past president, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS).


Cancer and Blood Cancer

Cancer Council Australia – About Cancer

Cancer Institute of NSW eviQ – Patient and Carer Information

Cancer Institute of NSW – Patient Information

Leukaemia Foundation – Blood Cancer Information

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (USA) – About Herbs

National Cancer Institute (USA) – Patient Education

Gastroenterological Conditions (e.g. Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis)

Crohn’s Colitis Australia

Gastroenterological Society of Australia – Health Information Fact Sheets

Neurological Conditions (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis)

MS Australia – What is MS (Including Medications and Other Treatments)

Rheumatological Conditions (e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis)

Arthritis Australia – Information on Medical Management

Australian Rheumatology Association – Medication Information

Other (e.g. Iron Deficiency Anaemia)

Australian Red Cross Blood Service – Iron Deficiency

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