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Management of Oral Chemotherapy

The Oral Chemotherapy (OC) program is a specialised management program to help people taking oral chemotherapies get the most out of their treatment. OC are tablets and capsules taken by mouth, to treat cancer. The OC program carefully integrates:

Education – helping people to understand

  • their disease;
  • medicines;
  • ways to minimise side effects;
  • when care from health professionals may be needed; and
  • support services available.

Monitoring and engagement strategies – helping people to take control of their treatment, manage side effects, improve motivation and maximise the effectiveness of the treatment. Identifying tools which may assist you in taking your OC, including:

Medication and dose administration aids;

  • Samples of recommended products to help minimise the side effects; and
  • SMS, email and other reminders

Referral – assistance in identifying when health professionals or support services are needed and arranging referrals (when needed).  Examples include:

  • Pharmacist (for Home Medicine Review);

The OC program is 100% funded through the generosity of our partners.  There are no additional costs for the program.

Separate to the OC program, you will still be responsible for the fees associated with:

  • Doctor visits;
  • Allied health services e.g. physiotherapy;
  • Radiology services;
  • Pathology services; and
  • Pharmacy (dispensing medication).

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