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Improving the patient journey

The patient journey through different treatment facilities and various treatment modalities (surgery, radiotherapy and cancer therapy) can be confusing and difficult to manage for both the patient and their family.  Our skilled and experienced staff specialise in coordinating cancer therapies, making the process less stressful.  Assessing the impact on both the patient and their family of home based treatment is an important part of understanding how to improve the patient journey.

In addition because treatment at home has not been factored into funding models in the past, it is very important that information on how and when home based therapy is integrated into a cancer patient’s care is collected.  This will then help the federal government, state health services and private health funds accurately fund all the services provided.

Chemo@home is actively investigating the effect of home cancer therapies on the patient journey.

Improving patient outcomes

It is well documented that treating cancer patients at home reduces the risk of them becoming febrile or developing an infection when their white cell count is low. There is also a strong belief that patients have reduced nausea and vomiting, improved appetite, improved sleep patterns and reduced fatigue levels when treated at home.  These patient outcomes need to be validated through research.  Chemo@home is actively exploring the effect of home cancer therapy on patient outcomes.

Reducing costs

Treating cancer patients at home instead of in a day unit facility or hospital ward reduces health care costs.  It may also decrease the financial impact on the cancer patient and their family.

Chemo@home is actively analysing the cost of home cancer therapy to the health service as well as patients and their families.

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